Why Senses?

Senses business was born out of seeing the struggles orally sensitive people experience and a desire to make products that can help.

Whilst there are other products available that partially address some of these problems, we believe only Senses products effectively address the issues, whilst also making the experience as pleasant as possible.

We have worked with oral health experts with hands on experience in this field.

  • Addresses sensitivity challenges in oral care
  • Medically great products
  • Built with the Carer in mind
  • Eco friendly goals

Carers at the heart of our business

All our products have been made with the carer and end user firmly in mind. We have consulted experts who have spent years seeking solutions for those who find accepting oral care provision difficult. As a carer you can be assured that choosing Senses products is putting your patients at the heart of your care.



Our experts helped us create a toothbrush with the softest bristles, suitable even for post surgical use, whilst still providing an effective clean. The length and shape of the handle and brush head are designed to make it as easy as possible for a carer to manoeuvre around the care recipient’s mouth.



We understand that our toothpaste needs to contain the optimum level of fluoride (1450ppm) to remineralise teeth following sugar intake. Our experts advised suitable flavours and levels of sweetness that would appeal even to those with altered taste bud function due to dementia. SLS-free and non foaming, so suitable for even the most vulnerable.


Swabsticks (patent pending)

Millions of swabsticks are used globally every day to help rehydrate the mouths of those suffering from dry mouth (xerostomia) for a variety of reasons.

The experts we work with initially asked us to help make a swabstick that tastes good, as the existing ones tasted of chemical and this may be the last taste a loved one has.
At Senses we were happy to accept that challenge and also to make our swabsticks less acidic, more effective at helping the body create saliva and more eco friendly (avoiding single use plastic).



At Senses we believe strongly in producing items that will contribute towards a sustainable future. We are aware that this is not easy or always achievable at the moment. So, this is our mission and we are actively working towards it. You will see our products will evolve as we head towards this goal. This will sometimes mean we need to prioritise. For example, we made the decision that it was most important to bring our toothpaste to market first, investing profits to develop sustainable packaging at the earliest opportunity.


Electric Toothbrush

For those with aural and touch sensitivities we have a super quiet, rechargeable, waterproof toothbrush with 3 different power settings, making the benefits of sonic brushing more accessible to all.

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Use on extra soft, small brush head for optimum results.
Contains 1450ppm fluoride for best protection.