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Senses and Buddies are both brands owned by Lobal Ltd founded by Sian Ellingworth.

Sian’s Story

Sian was originally inspired to develop Buddies Toothpaste for children because one of her sons is on the autism spectrum. When he was little, teeth cleaning was a battle. Despite everything she tried, she could not persuade him to clean his teeth with conventional toothpastes – he found the mint or fruit flavours too ‘spicy’ and unpleasant.

For a time, she bought fluoride toothpaste online from the States but flavours like chocolate or vanilla ice cream seemed counterintuitive. It was this that convinced her that there had to be something better.

Sian believes it is fundamentally important to make the brushing regime as pleasant and easy as possible. A routine without pleasure is unlikely to fully engage anyone.

A Success Story

Recently Sian pitched Buddies to Dragons’ Den, a panel of entrepreneurs on BBC Television. On the day, Buddies won the backing of two ‘Dragons’, businessmen Touker Suleyman and Tej Lalvani, who offered an investment of £60,000 to develop new products and increase marketing spend.

Since then feedback has been extensive and wherever feasible used to further develop the products, leading to a new design of the toothbrush and a new flavour of paste.

Feedback also uncovered an interesting fact, that Buddies is used by carers in the National Health Service in the UK to encourage children and adults with special needs to clean their teeth.

The discovery that Buddies Toothpaste was also being used in care homes to improve the tooth cleaning regimes of elderly residents, particularly those with dementia and dysphasia. indicated the potential for products targeting the adult market.

Hence the decision to launch Senses and broaden the vision for the business as removing barriers to oral health, making it accessible to all.

Buddies is currently distributed through a major supplier of oral health products to UK dentists and the NHS. Dental practices are keen advocates of Buddies toothpaste.

Founder, Sian Ellingworth, is actively seeking accreditation and endorsement from reputable associations, including the Oral Health Foundation and leading autism and cancer charities and discussing the launch of Senses with selected retailers.

See the founder of Senses explaining her thinking behind the brand

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