Why oral care is important – Beating bacteria

When people are unable to manage their own oral care, they are reliant upon carers to implement effective dental hygiene routines for them. Good oral health is critical to everyone’s overall well-being. The mouth is vital for eating, drinking, breathing and communication.

Poor oral health can lead to infections which left untreated can cause pain. Bacteria from gum disease can enter the bloodstream causing blood poisoning and may also be related to other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia.

At Senses we believe everyone deserves a good level of oral health without excuses or exceptions. Our products overcome many of the challenges.

Are you struggling with oral care?

Many situations where achieving a high level of oral care is challenging

Do your patients display oral sensitivities?

Find out about what types of sensitivity we cater for

If you’re struggling to provide oral care, Senses Toothpaste makes brushing a pleasure, not a challenge

The Senses range of products effectively address oral health issues, whilst also making the user’s experience as pleasant as possible

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Senses Apple Fresh Toothpaste: 1 x 75ml Tube

  • Toothpaste formulated to suit even those with severe oral sensitivities.
  • Mild and great tasting, containing the recommended optimum amount of fluoride (1450ppm).
  • Low foaming.
  • Does not contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), thus avoiding dry mouth.

Senses Apple toothpaste is enjoyed by most people that dislike or are unable to use other toothpastes.

Great for coaxing those reluctant to receive oral care.

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Senses Super Soft Toothbrush Twin Pack

We believe this is the best manual brush for carers to use when the provision of oral care poses challenges.
2 x manual toothbrushes with supersoft bristles in a compact brush head with a long handle, at an affordable price to ensure a gentle yet effective clean.
Supersoft bristles in a compact brush head with a long handle, at an affordable price to ensure a gentle yet effective clean.

Find out what makes Senses products different

Our aim is to tackle some of the barriers to good oral health offering effective solutions via our products, with the ultimate goal of oral health for everyone, without exception.


Over-sensitivity to certain tastes can create a feeling of sensory overload

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Certain aromas such as mint can trigger a strong negative reaction

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Oral sensitivity to the texture of toothpaste, the feel of bristles, vibration and pressure

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Dry Mouth

Unpleasant for the sufferer, may cause difficulties eating and communicating

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Hyper-sensitivity to noise, thereby causing distress if over-stimulated

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Use on extra soft, small brush head for optimum results.
Contains 1450ppm fluoride for best protection.